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Southern Charm Day & Night with Tree Lighting for your Tree-Lined Driveway and Paths

Southern charm is not something you can fake. And it is not something that is easily pinpointed to one attribute or another. Southern charm is a feeling that is created by many small details that work together to create something that is much bigger than the sum of all its parts.

Wilmington Tree LightingWhen creating southern charm at your home and amongst your landscape, every choice matters; from the flowers and shrubbery to the trees, and more, you’ve worked hard to create a memorable and distinct atmosphere.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we take great pride in our southern roots and love to help homeowners maximize their goals for a southern charmer! One way in which we can accomplish that feat is to shine a light on some of those details that make a home southern. And nothing is more impactful than illuminating a tree-lined driveway.

Charming Tree Lighting

Whether you have a classic long driveway lined with Southern Live Oaks leading to a plantation style home, or an updated version with Crepe Myrtles or Palms leading to a newer home, tree-lined driveways are the envy of all neighbors and friends!

Don’t be shy. Show it off!

Our team will create a custom lighting design so that your stunning daytime driveway will become a beacon when you arrive home at night. Your neighbors will drive by in awe, and your friends will arrive with a warm fuzzy feeling that can only come from that southern charm!

Our gorgeous copper and brass uplights will highlight the height of your tallest branch, the breadth of your widest limbs, and the stunning texture of your trees’ trunks. While the light will be doing all the work, the majesty of your trees is what you’ll feel and see. A moment that will have you eager for the sun to set each night!

If you’re ready to add custom tree lighting to your home’s landscape, call us today to schedule a free nighttime demonstration. (910) 342-0040

And if your trees are not lining your driveway, don’t hesitate. All trees deserve a little light no matter where they are on your property!

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