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8 Reasons for a Winter Landscape Lighting Installation

wilmington landscape lighting installationCaring for and updating your landscape is a spring tradition in the Wilmington area. Refresh the mulch, add some new annuals, replace some perennials that didn’t survive winter and tackle major projects such as hardscape additions and complete landscape renovations.

It goes without saying, that spring is the busiest time of year for us to design and install landscape lighting as a part of the spring renewal. But, what if I told you that winter is a better time to install landscape lighting in Wilmington and along the North Carolina coast?

Read our top eight reasons for hiring your favorite landscape lighting company during the winter months:

Dark. Darker. Darkest.

Winter is the darkest time of year. In fact, on the winter solstice, we will only have 10 hours of daylight – that leaves 14 hours of darkness during a time of year when the weather can be perfectly enjoyable. Add, or upgrade your existing landscape lighting during the time of year when you’ll need it and use it most.

Winter Events & Entertaining Outdoors

Winter doesn’t stop coastal homeowners and business owners from hosting outdoor events. Whether you’re throwing a Christmas dinner at your restaurant and need to utilize the patio seating, or your friends are coming in January for the annual Oyster Party or Shrimp Boil – landscape lighting will allow you to make use of all your outdoor spaces.


star-gazingHave you ever noticed how crisp and clear the winter nights are? With subtle landscape lighting, you can safely utilize your outdoor spaces for enjoying the magical winter night sky for star-gazing. With the summer humidity gone and the shifting stars, get outdoors and enjoy the best view of Orion for the year.

Easier & Quicker Scheduling

In the spring, we are busy. Very busy. And that is an understatement. If you’re adding landscape lighting for a specific event at your home, we’ll need more lead time in the spring and summer – which can be a scheduling nightmare. But if you call now, we can schedule installation at your convenience and you can enjoy peace-of-mind leading up to your spring and summer celebrations.

Be Fully Ready for Spring and Summer, Long Before Spring Arrives

We are not completely delusional about Carolinians willingness to be outside on chilly winter nights. We know you are more interested in utilizing your outdoor spaces when the weather warms a bit. But don’t wait until the weather does warm up. Get started in the winter to make sure your lighting design is satisfactory, and the lights are installed long before you are ready to be outdoors full time again.

Plants are Dormant – Less Landscape Disruption

During the winter, when we install landscape lighting, much of your lush foliage is dormant. This dormancy allows us to install your lighting with less disruption to your plant life. It also provides better conditions for turf to regrow early in the spring before the heat arrives.

A Magical New View of your Landscape

winterscapeLandscapes transform throughout the seasons. Your brightly colored Crepe Myrtle becomes an artistic statue reaching to the sky in the winter. Your shrubs take over as the focal point while your flowering plants take a break gearing up for the spring bloom. With the addition of landscape lighting and specifically tree lighting, you will just adore the very cool winter transformation of your winter landscape.

Improve your Winter Curb Appeal

In the summer you likely rely heavily on a lush green lawn, blooming azaleas, impatiens and flowing hanging baskets to add to your home’s curb appeal. But what do you do in the winter? Once the holidays are over and the wreaths and greenery are taken in, your property may not be doing your charming home justice in the curb appeal department. While we can’t make your Bermuda grass green in winter, we can add magnificent landscape lighting to all the best features of your home and landscape for a lovely nighttime curb appeal all year long.

Don’t spend the winter hiding indoors and waiting for warmer weather to tackle your landscape lighting addition. Call the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today. (910) 342-0040 We’ll get started with a design consultation.

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