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Maximize Occupancy & Lower Costs at Your Wilmington Hotel or Bed & Breakfast

Running an exceptional hotel, B&B or vacation rental can take some creative ingenuity. While there is an element of business know-how at hand, the focus has to be on an elevated guest experience that will keep word-of-mouth spreading, create repeat clients, and make your place stick out among the competition. Creating additional challenges, the Wilmington hospitality industry really has to make the most of the busy summer season to reach goals for the entire year.

Did you know with one small investment you can lower costs and improve the guest experience?

Wilmington Hospitality Outdoor Lighting

LED outdoor lighting in Wilmington is essential to creating an environment for your guests that is spectacular. The beauty, ambiance, and aura of a well-designed outdoor space will give your guests that relaxed retreat feeling. They will enjoy exploring your grounds, dining outdoors and taking in all that a Carolina coastal summer has to offer. And for you, the owner or manager, you will have peace of mind knowing they are safe and secure – lowering your liabilities.

How Does Lighting Save My Hotel Money?

Our top quality LED commercial outdoor lighting uses very little energy. Chances are your hotel, B&B or rental property already has some outdoor or landscape lighting. Nighttime use of pools, patios, and outdoor lounge areas are a must for beach vacationers. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we can replace or upgrade those lights with top quality LED for huge energy savings and maintenance savings. Using 80% less electricity and lamps that last ten times longer than Halogen, your property could see significant cost savings. The bigger your property, the bigger the savings.

Our commercial LED outdoor lighting is extremely flexible and durable; it can even be moved if need be. And with our expert lighting design team, you’re sure to transform your property into the best new place for summers at the beach.

Call now (910) 342-0040 for a free nighttime lighting demonstration. We’re happy to evaluate your current lighting and provide you with an estimate for the replacement as well as a run-down of the savings you can expect to see. We look forward to working with you.

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