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Have You Seen The Night is Ours Van Around Town?

Have you seen our new service van featuring “The Night is Ours”? We can make it yours too with our expert landscape lighting and outdoor lighting design, installation, and service for your home or business. Whether it is outdoor lighting for your home and landscape, LED festive lights for your restaurant’s patio, or holiday lighting, we are the best choice for illuminating the outdoors in the Wilmington area.

The Night is Ours

From Jacksonville to Brunswick County and all the way down to Ocean Isle Beach, our The Night is Ours service van has been racking up the miles all around Wilmington and up and down the coast. We’ve been very busy this fall tackling projects big and small for current and new clients. As the night becomes longer, the need for outdoor lighting services in this perfect coastal climate becomes that much greater. So we have been hard at work on many projects, including:

Landscape Lighting Installations

Often homeowners and businesses alike realize their landscape lighting needs when summer comes to an end and nightfall arrives much earlier. Since September, we have been hard at work illuminating Wilmington area landscapes to add outdoor function, beauty, safety, and security at night.

Led Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

LED outdoor lighting uses 80% less energy than Halogen. Many homes in Brunswick County and along the coast have aging systems that can be upgraded to LED for huge energy savings. Fall is the perfect time to upgrade to LED as winter is the time of year we have our lights on the longest.

Hanging Christmas Lighting

Commercial Christmas lighting and residential Christmas lighting is a huge hassle for many. We provide the best Christmas lighting design, installation, take-down, and storage! We take care of it all, so you don’t have to do a thing. You’ll see us all over town installing Christmas lights, and you might just see one of us up on a cherry picker lining a roof with the best LED c9 Christmas lights available.

Outdoor Lighting System Maintenance & Service

As the darkness of winter approaches, it is imperative to make sure your landscape lighting system is running in peak condition. We offer a fantastic Annual Maintenance Plan which includes a long checklist for keeping your lights looking and performing beautifully.

If you’d like to see our The Night is Ours van parked in front of your house, while we work to create beautiful illumination on your property, give us a call today! (910) 342-0040 We offer complimentary nighttime demonstrations because seeing is believing!

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