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We Have Your Holiday Wilmington Palm Tree Lighting All Wrapped Up!

There are few elements as distinctive about living on the NC coast as the presence of palm trees. Even outweighing the salty air and sound of gulls nearby, the quintessential palm tree is part of the allure of the coast. The beauty of Palms can be seen lining the sidewalks and as a focal point in our home landscapes.

With this in mind, it is a shame to let their beauty fade into the darkness every evening. Many of the palm tree species in our area make excellent candidates for the addition of outdoor lighting, including holiday outdoor lighting.

Our professional outdoor lighting designers know the right type of light to use at the best angle to illuminate a palm tree correctly. Up lighting palms is a great way to capture their majestic presence in your landscape during the festive season, and beyond. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we know the proper distance the fixture needs to be installed to light the full canopy and the best place to mount the fixtures depending on the desired effect.

Good outdoor lighting should always look natural and illuminate the best features of the area or object being lit — this includes tree lighting applications. The trunk size and canopy need to be considered when deciding on the type of lighting technique and the appropriate fixture to use. There are two types of lighting we can design for your trees, depending on the effect that appeals to you. The most common type of tree lighting is up lighting. Uplighting trees, especially palms with their graceful canopies, can make a very dramatic statement. In uplighting applications, we install a well or flood light very close to the tree to direct the light up the trunk, underneath the canopy, illuminating the entire conifer. Placing fixtures on the ground directed upward reveals the tree’s magnificent natural beauty, shape and elements making the entire surround more stunning.

Additionally, when illuminating your palms for the holidays we recommend wrapping the trunk and in some cases the canopy. This is our most-requested holiday lighting technique for lighting palms, and clients usually request clear/white lights as they make a dramatic and elegant display against the neutral tones of the palm itself,

About 2,500 species of palms exist, and a few of them are quite tolerant to our cold Wilmington winters. This means their beauty can be enjoyed and enhanced almost year-round, even during the holidays. The Cape Fear area is made up of several micro-climates, so the degree of winter tolerance will vary depending on the species of palm and the location. The palm trees that are the most abundant, cold-hardy and popular here are Pindo palms, Sabal major (aka the Palmetto), Windmill, Sabal minor, and the Mediterranean palm, with finer foliage. The Sago palm is also very popular here in Wilmington, though it really isn’t a palm at all, it is classified as a cycade.

If you want to learn which palm trees would make the most impact and serve as the right candidates for tree lighting in your landscape and holiday lighting, contact us today at (910) 342-0040 or fill out the contact form below and one our talented designers can contact you directly.

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