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Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Highlights a Charming Community Center at Masonborough Plantation

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington. We want to be your go-to Wilmington outdoor lighting service provider for installation, fixtures, and maintenance. We are determined to make sure you have the perfect outdoor lighting for you. We’ll even install high-quality fixtures you find elsewhere. A recent neighborhood outdoor lighting project was just that. Masonborough Plantation now enjoys newfound character and illumination around their community pavilion thanks to outdoor lighting. We added LED fence, sign & landscape lighting from our lineup of quality fixtures, plus five nautical lights they ordered.

A well-lit neighborhood is a beautiful neighborhood.

Masonborough Plantation wanted to increase nighttime visibility while beautifying their community center. They called us for a design consultation. When we met with the HOA president we immediately settled on lighting the fence, Crepe Myrtle, the community sign and some Oak trees around the picnic area. But none of our LED lights were quite the style he was going for on the large brick fence columns.

If you find a perfect light, we’ll install it

While we got busy gathering a few alternative designer light ideas from our manufacturers, the HOA president began looking around for ideas as well. When we met on-site again with a sample attraction light, the HOA president viewed our lights but eventually landed on another idea. He had found the pictured nautical themed 120v lights he really loved. We agreed to not only install but also to convert them from 120v to 12 volt LED. With cost savings in running these lights, Masonborough Plantation will also enjoy a harmonious look with the rest of the outdoor lighting system.

Masonborough Plantation community outdoor lighting design

All in all, we illuminated five gorgeous Oak trees with LED uplights, the neighborhood entrance sign, a Crepe Myrtle tree and the fence. To achieve a uniform illumination on the fence we placed four BB02 LED deck lights on the fence line between the brick columns. With the five brick columns each featuring a gorgeous LED converted nautical light, the overall effect is stunning.

If your Wilmington neighborhood or home could use a special touch for nighttime visibility and beauty, call today for a free consultation. We won’t rest until you get the lighting design that works perfectly for your needs and style. 910-342-0040

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