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Attractive and inviting subdivision entryways are just what the HOA ordered!

When Wilmington’s Marsh Oaks subdivision decided to upgrade the lighting at the entrance from Market Street, they looked to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington for a professionally designed custom LED lighting system. After all these entrances are what greet the residents each and every time they come home as well as confirm the arrival at the correct destination for guests and visitors during the day or night. Shouldn’t Marsh Oak’s entrance monument walls and surrounding well-manicured landscaping be as attractive and inviting as it can be? Of course, it should!

As the first impression of Marsh Oaks, for residents and guests alike, this entrance lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington is the perfect addition to instill pride and admiration in all who pass through these entryways. Much like the beacon of the earliest lighthouses functioned as an entrance marker to ports, properly lit entrances of your subdivision mark and guide you and all your loved ones home without creating a bright or blinding driving distraction.

Second only to the enhanced beauty of these entryway outdoor lighting systems is the increased neighborhood safety and security.  Having well-lit entrances discourages vandals and criminals from targeting your development, in the same way street lights help to keep the streets safer. Trouble loves dimly lit areas, but hates being exposed in the light.

Creating and installing beautiful, safe subdivision entrance lighting designs which produce stunning results is just one of the many services Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington has to offer HOAs. We can upgrade your existing gas lanterns or halogen lighting systems within the subdivision to LED, as well as service common areas within the neighborhood, such as landscape/family areas, club houses and pools/pool houses regarding lighting maintenance, timers, special event lighting and even holiday outdoor lighting services. Not to be forgotten, of course our full array of services can be just as beneficial to the residents too!

If you want the most beautiful outdoor lighting, the kind that transforms your subdivision entrance and beyond, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington. Trust your outdoor lighting to outdoor lighting professionals who can custom design a system which can make sure your neighborhood is always shown in its best light at night.

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