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Lights, furnishings and outdoor living is in action!

Much like setting the scene for a staged production, the right lighting and “props”, better known as furnishings, can make the perfect stage for your private affairs and social events right at home! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, the area’s first choice for lighting up the nights, specializes in landscape lighting, deck and patio lighting as well as pool surround lighting. This year’s addition of Casuwel’s premium line of outdoor furnishing Casuwel’s premium line of outdoor furnishing to our product selection just gives us an even bigger edge in providing you with the best products for living well.

Extend your living areas by lighting your landscaping and your outdoor living spaces. No matter how big or small your events will be, landscape and pathway lighting helps to create the right atmosphere, set the mood and increases the safety of your guests as they mingle and stroll through the garden and landscaped areas of your home. In addition, properly placed landscape lights enhance the beauty of your property with warm ambient light making it more inviting.

If you have a deck or patio with seating, add comfortable and attractive lighting to enable you to use these areas after dark. The ambiance of outdoor seating can be pleasant and inviting and will illuminate your seating areas effectively, ensure the grill master’s area is well lit for night-time grilling, and even give your weekly evening family meals more of a festive feel when dining alfresco. In addition, step lights for pathways and stairs complete the deck and patio lighting design which is essential to extending the use of the spaces well after dark.

Our pool surround lighting not only creates beautiful light patterns as the light dances off the tranquil water but illuminates the surrounding areas for additional seating space during parties and cookouts. As a must for homeowners who want to get the most out of their pool, the proper lighting surrounding it will allow you to enjoy that “midnight swim” with peace of mind, and will also allow extended hours of enjoyment around your pool. This combination of landscape and romantic lighting create an outdoor oasis setting in your own backyard.

With the relaxing and entertaining areas of your backyard properly illuminated for maximum beauty and functionality, the next thing to do is to furnish it with the most comfortable and durable high quality outdoor living furnishings by Casuwel. We offer 4 beautiful collections from which to choose including dining tables and chairs, sofa and loveseat sets along with convertible ottomans, beautiful rugs and umbrellas, all available in a variety of colors and a vast array of colorful cushions and pillows made from Sunbrella’s well-known impressively weatherproof fabrics.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington’s unsurpassed custom lighting designs, superior fixtures and high quality outdoor living furniture and accessories will enable you to entertain, play, swim and relax longer and more comfortably by giving you the opportunity to utilize your outdoor area well into the night. Having the added convenience of a properly lit landscape and outdoor structure will add security, expanded enjoyment and beauty to your property as a whole.

Your coastal home should be your sanctuary from a long hard day as well as center stage for each and every one of the events you plan to host each year. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington and let’s make it happen. We’ll provide the lights and furnishings to create the mood and set the stage and you supply the setting to ensure all your outdoor events and parties will be showstoppers!

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