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Our outdoor lighting designs are making "tee" time brighter at Magnolia Greens golf course!

If you enjoy summer afternoons at the golf course – snorkeling around for hastily ejected sand wedges – then you are going to love evenings at the beautiful Magnolia Greens golf club. We here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington recently had the pleasure of bringing the touch of fiesta string lighting to bring the perfect accent of sophistication and playfulness to their nighttime scene. When Magnolia Greens hosts their next tournament, the after party will be lit with class and style.

Making careful and considered decisions about outdoor lighting couldn’t be more critical to the success of a business, particularly businesses that make use of outdoor communal areas where patrons and community members should feel at home – areas like patios, gazebos, clubhouses, or even stages for late night entertainment. As an investment, finding the best outdoor lighting can be daunting for some business owners. Our customers have found, on the other hand, that our fiesta string lighting offers an easy and subtle solution to your outdoor lighting needs.

Anyone who lives in a coastal city, like Wilmington, would have to agree that we are extremely serious about our recreation. Even when the economy slows down, people are still willing to spend money on exciting and worthwhile experiences, and the hospitality industry knows this. In this age of digital media, those positive experiences are stored and expressed at the speed of a tap. The laughter of a starry evening, posted to Facebook. The memory of excellent company, captured in a tweet.

Festival string lighting allows maximum versatility to your outdoor lighting situation. They can be temporarily or permanently installed for gorgeous evenings year-round. Festival  string lights could be used to add a subtle accent to architecture, trees, and landscaping. We can accommodate any aesthetic that suites your specific needs. Further, we provide maintenance services beyond the installation. We respect our customers’ unique needs just as you respect your customers’ comfort and sense of belonging.

A smart business is a well-lit business. A well-lit business is a safe business. It’s no real surprise that we live in litigious society, and it falls on the shoulders of business to protect its customers and itself. One of the invaluable benefits of relying on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington to set up and design your outdoor lighting is knowing that we can illuminate potentially hazardous steps that might be a liability for your business or loyal customers.

Yes, the addition of commercial outdoor lighting is an investment. It’s an investment in your business, in the safety and consideration for your customers. Also, it’s an opportunity to elevate the average party to a fun and sophisticated setting. Whether your customers are tracking lost golf balls across the course, or simply gathering for a community or family event, we have the right solution to fit your needs, function and budget.

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