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Wilmington Landscape Lighting – A Gift (That You’ll Both Love) for the Dad in Your Life

Father’s Day, June 17: Give the dad in your life the gift of landscape lighting this year. Has he ever given you an appliance as a gift? Beat him at his own game and get him a gift you’ll adore too! New Wilmington landscape lighting for your home is the perfect Father’s Day gift. Illuminate paths, gardens, your home and outdoor living spaces.

Landscape lighting serves many purposes. It adds safety and security at your home while enhancing the beauty of everything there. When you see the effects of landscape lighting at your home, you’ll be most aware of the transformative power of these lights, because the effect will be stunning. You probably won’t even think about how outdoor lighting makes your home safer and more secure as well.

Secretly, It’s a Gift for Both of You

This is a “His and Hers” Father’s Day gift if there ever was one. What does he like to do outdoors? If he is a grill master, a fan of the big smoker, or a chef with an outdoor kitchen, give him light to work by! With landscape lighting around the grilling area, he won’t feel rushed to get the food done before dark. If he has a basketball court, cornhole boards or horseshoe pits, let him play on! When you have friends over and the games get competitive, darkness will not force an early halt to the fun.

What do you like to do outdoors? If you enjoy your prized Azaleas or Hydrangeas, you probably won’t be gardening at night, but you sure can enjoy the view of your flowering plants with gentle landscape lighting. Your lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington knows just how to position light fixtures to bring out the textures and colors of your gardens at night. Do you enjoy pure rest and relaxation with a glass of wine on the patio or deck in the evening, or around the outdoor fireplace? Subtle lighting around your outdoor living spaces will extend the time you and your guests can enjoy them.

Wilmington Landscape Lighting—It’s all About the Landscape

The two of you have invested time, energy and money into making your yard beautiful. Whether you have a landscaper or you’ve done the work yourselves, don’t let it disappear at night. We have amazing lighting techniques that bring out the best features of your trees, shrubs and gardens with beauty completely different from that seen in daylight. When we aim a small light up into the span of a beautiful Japanese Maple, it comes alive. Light and shadow, depth and texture, these are just words until you see the results for yourself. Even the photographs don’t do it justice.

As professional outdoor lighting designers, we have several lighting techniques with different fixtures and different light intensities, so we use what looks best in your yard. One client favorite is called moonlighting, a form of downlighting. We can arrange lights in a tree to shine down gently through the leaves and create a dappled effect below as though you have a full moon every night.

Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs Make This Gift Cost-Effective

It’s a gift; it’s a special occasion; it’s not about the money. Nevertheless, you may be thinking about the hit to your monthly electricity bill. Not what you’d think! Today’s LED lighting is not only beautiful, it’s also up to 80% more energy efficient than older lighting technologies. The savings on electricity is significant compared to what you would have paid a few years ago. Today’s landscape lighting is worth every penny.

If you are ready to knock his socks off with a Father’s Day gift you’ll both enjoy, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today. (910) 342-0040 Hurry! Time is running out.

LED Outdoor Lighting: What Does LED Stand For?

Have you ever wondered what LED stands for in LED outdoor lighting? If so, you may have Googled LED and received the results Light Emitting Diode. Which isn’t a very helpful answer for most.

You may have also found some background information on LED lights being used in early cell phone displays or electronic devices. LED technology has come a long way since those days and is now used for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial lighting applications of every variety.

Light Emitting Diode

Explaining the science behind how a Light Emitting Diode (LED) works, would likely help you fall asleep. So, we will let the marvelous video below do the explaining:

The main takeaways from this video about the science behind lighting emitting diodes really points out the reason everyone is switching over to LED.

  1. The electricity in LED lights do not heat up filament. This keeps the light cooler and extends the life.
  2. LED lights do not require tubes like vapor lamps or fluorescents – so without the glass “bulb” portion, LED lamps are much more durable to vibration, shocks, bumps and weather elements.
  3. Electrons from Light Emitting Diode bulbs are cycled back through the process which requires 80% less energy and adds to the long-life of LED outdoor lighting.

With plentiful benefits for switching to LED such as a longer lamp life, less heat, less electricity, and increased durability, you might come up with a new definition for what the letters LED stand for.

Less Energy & Delicacy?

Lovely Easy & Dependable?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we’ll handle knowing the science, best design practices, and installation know-how, while you spend your time enjoying the magnificence of your LED outdoor lighting system. Call today for a design consultation. (910) 342-0040

Landscape Lighting is NOT Just for Landscapes: 4 Fresh Ideas

Custom landscape lighting is what we do. Throughout the years we have illuminated such a large variety of landscape features throughout Brunswick and New Hanover counties with our custom LED landscape lighting systems, we couldn’t even begin to tell you about them all.

That being said, the best landscape lighting has always been the unique, the one-of-a-kind, the out-of-the-box thinking of our clients and our lighting designers. Today we offer you a closer look at some of the most exceptional ways to utilize landscape lighting for creating a uniquely-you home, yard, garden, and outdoor living space.

Antiques & Artifacts

Are you living in a historical home or a home with a lot of history? Chances are you may have a few antiques or artifacts from days gone by. From wagon wheels to old farm equipment to old windmills and hand-made statues, any item that is a focal feature on your property during the day, deserves to be one at night! And so it can be with proper focal landscape lighting.

The Secret Garden

Do you have a private area on your property where you like to hang out? A fire pit in the back 40? A deck on the waterfront that his hidden away from your main yard? We love to create a guiding light with landscape lighting and path lighting to help your visitors and guests find the secret hang-out you enjoy most.


What outbuildings are on your North Carolina property? A pool house? A car port? Maybe a large pole barn or detached garage? Our landscape lighting is a great way to highlight the exterior of your home, so why not your outbuildings too?

Work Hard – Play Hard

Our expert lighting designers create custom lighting for all of your nighttime outdoor living needs. If you have built a backyard for playing, we can build a landscape lighting system to keep the games going all night. If you have horseshoe pits, a sand volleyball court, tennis court, basketball court or another recreational area, we’ll create the perfect lighting to allow you to play at night.

When it comes to landscape lighting, there are very few limitations. Our high-quality LED brass and copper lighting are perfect for any part of your property. If you’re ready to create a magical scene that is gorgeous and functional on your property at night, give us a call today! (910)342-0040

Historical Home Outdoor Lighting

We had the pleasure of illuminating the Captain John Harper House. Check it out here. We are proud to create gorgeous outdoor lighting designs for Wilmington’s famous historical homes.

Wilmington Deck Lighting Transforms Long Winter Nights Into Cozy or Fun Evenings Under the Stars

Outdoor living is a year-round affair in Wilmington, Brunswick County and all of the North Carolina coast. While homeowners invest in fabulous backyard renovations including decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, pools and more, they can often find themselves not using the space during the long nights of winter. If you’ve invested in a deck, your favorite place to hang-out and host parties, you can benefit from adding deck lighting. Deck lighting enhances the beauty of your deck at night, adds safety, security, and visibility for using the space after dark.

Deck Lighting for Versatile Outdoor Living

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we have a variety of techniques we deploy to illuminate your deck, depending on your goals and needs. If you like to entertain or relax on your deck in the evening, we would suggest under-rail lights to create ambient lighting around the perimeter of the entire deck. We would also suggest festive market lighting strung over-head for you to use when dining outdoors or hosting friends and family for special occasions or weekend cook-outs. Between the two, you will have the choice of a relaxing, tranquil evening or instant fun.

Deck Lighting for Safety & Security

Our top-of-the-line LED deck lighting is a great way to provide safety and security for nighttime use of your deck. Our favorite light for this purpose is stair riser lights. They fit neatly in the risers of your deck stairs, providing subtle illumination for each step you take. We also love half-moon post lights to cast a nice wash down on the deck boards for clear visibility around the entire deck.

You’ve invested a good deal of resources into building a deck at your home, money well spent on creating an outdoor oasis at home. Ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment by adding deck lighting for nighttime use of your new backyard space. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today for a complimentary design consultation and nighttime demonstration. 910-342-0040 We look forward to working with you.

Tantalizing Wedding Lighting for Your Spring Dream Wedding

Are you in the midst of planning your dream spring outdoor wedding? Are you captivated by the current trends for gorgeous wedding lighting to take your wedding and reception from day to night with grace and style for an enchanted evening for all to remember? Custom designed wedding lighting can be yours! With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, you’ll get professional-grade lighting, custom designed lighting plan, and the best service available, taking one more thing off your wedding to-do list. While we can provide just about any lighting you desire, a few wedding lighting techniques below have become absolute favorites:

Wedding String Lighting

These are not your standard mini Christmas lights or anything of that nature. Our large globe shaped nostalgic string lights create sophisticated fun in any space. They are perfect for hanging over or around your reception dance floor for magical dances under the lights. Wedding festive lighting is also great for creating an ambient and fun glow over the dining area, so your guests can enjoy the magic of the occasion even while they are eating. We can hang them over docks, in barns, from tree to tree, and just about anywhere a pole can be stuck in the ground.


Classic temporary uplighting is a great way to create points of magic throughout your outdoor wedding venue. We’ll highlight majestic trees for grace and elegance around the property. We can illuminate special features such as gazebos, arbors, and trellises where your guests will want to mingle after the ceremony. No matter what the features of your wedding venue, be it a backyard, on the waterway or even on the beach, we can use uplighting to make it a magical nighttime affair.

Now is the best time to plan your Wilmington wedding lighting. As spring approaches, you’ll be busy with dress fittings, cake tasting, and bridal showers, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington now to get the lighting on the books and out of your hands. (910) 342-0040


Have You Seen The Night is Ours Van Around Town?

Have you seen our new service van featuring “The Night is Ours”? We can make it yours too with our expert landscape lighting and outdoor lighting design, installation, and service for your home or business. Whether it is outdoor lighting for your home and landscape, LED festive lights for your restaurant’s patio, or holiday lighting, we are the best choice for illuminating the outdoors in the Wilmington area.

The Night is Ours

From Jacksonville to Brunswick County and all the way down to Ocean Isle Beach, our The Night is Ours service van has been racking up the miles all around Wilmington and up and down the coast. We’ve been very busy this fall tackling projects big and small for current and new clients. As the night becomes longer, the need for outdoor lighting services in this perfect coastal climate becomes that much greater. So we have been hard at work on many projects, including:

Landscape Lighting Installations

Often homeowners and businesses alike realize their landscape lighting needs when summer comes to an end and nightfall arrives much earlier. Since September, we have been hard at work illuminating Wilmington area landscapes to add outdoor function, beauty, safety, and security at night.

Led Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

LED outdoor lighting uses 80% less energy than Halogen. Many homes in Brunswick County and along the coast have aging systems that can be upgraded to LED for huge energy savings. Fall is the perfect time to upgrade to LED as winter is the time of year we have our lights on the longest.

Hanging Christmas Lighting

Commercial Christmas lighting and residential Christmas lighting is a huge hassle for many. We provide the best Christmas lighting design, installation, take-down, and storage! We take care of it all, so you don’t have to do a thing. You’ll see us all over town installing Christmas lights, and you might just see one of us up on a cherry picker lining a roof with the best LED c9 Christmas lights available.

Outdoor Lighting System Maintenance & Service

As the darkness of winter approaches, it is imperative to make sure your landscape lighting system is running in peak condition. We offer a fantastic Annual Maintenance Plan which includes a long checklist for keeping your lights looking and performing beautifully.

If you’d like to see our The Night is Ours van parked in front of your house, while we work to create beautiful illumination on your property, give us a call today! (910) 342-0040 We offer complimentary nighttime demonstrations because seeing is believing!

A Brilliant Alternative Christmas Lighting Idea for Your Home

Are you tired of the annual tradition of pulling out ladders, untangling lights, and spending an entire weekend decorating the outside of your Brunswick County home for Christmas? If you’re open to an alternative method of displaying your holiday spirit, we have a stunning and permanent idea for you to consider. Color-changing RGB LED landscape lighting allows you to enjoy year-round outdoor lighting with the ability to transform your property with festive spirit for any occasion.

Landscape and Christmas Lighting in One

Imagine this, with RGB color-changing landscape lighting you’ll enjoy a festive green and red Christmas display on your property. Lights can be adjusted to highlight wreaths in your windows and other holiday decorations too. Many like this idea for the modern sophisticated look that is more subtle than string lights. And when Christmas has passed, you change the color of your lighting to a neutral warm white with just a touch of a button, for the rest of the year.

Colorful Outdoor Lighting for Every Occasion

Don’t want to stick with classic white lighting? Try blue to support the Panthers on game day or red for NC State or another color for your favorite team. You can so easily change your colors you might just get into a war with your spouse and the remote if you happen to live in a divided household.

Celebrating a special occasion or hosting a charity event? Pink for breast cancer, teal for ovarian, purple for Alzheimer’s; whatever your passion you can display it in your yard to spread awareness and share the love you have in your heart. With Brunswick County RGB LED color-changing landscape lighting you can enjoy whatever color scheme you’d like for any reason, all year long.

Holiday Landscape Lighting

If you love showing the festive spirit for Christmas, chances are you’d like to do it for other holidays too. Think orange and black for Halloween, pink for Valentine’s Day, green for the Luck O’ the Irish in March or patriotic Red, White or Blue for the Fourth of July. Whatever holidays you celebrate, begin sharing the magic with the flip of a switch to transform your landscape lighting with RGB LED lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington. Call today to learn more. (910) 342-0040

Enjoy Intermittent Warm Fall & Winter Nights with Brunswick County LED Outdoor Lighting for Your Deck, Porch, or Patio

As we’ve seen this year, summer can stretch well into Fall on the coast of North Carolina. We enjoy warm summer-like days sporadically between cooler fall days all the way through Christmas sometimes. Despite the weather feeling summerish, the days are still growing shorter and the nights longer. These long, warm nights are perfect for enjoying the outdoors with the right Brunswick County LED outdoor lighting.

Brunswick County Deck, Porch & Patio Lighting

Spending time on your deck, porch or patio is a great way to enjoy warm fall and winter days and nights. If you have an outdoor fireplace, it doesn’t even have to be that warm. Nothing beats relaxing by the mesmerizing warmth of a crackling fire.

But to make good use of the space, you need a little more light than a fire provides. While we love to deploy hardscape lighting, deck lighting, and landscape lighting to accent your outdoor space, LED string lights are gaining popularity.

Our professional quality LED string lights will look great year round hanging over your deck, patio, or even on your porch! These classic festive lights, once used for county fairs, transform your outdoor area into instant fun. Whether you’re throwing a party or just having a few friends over for dinner, custom designed string lights hanging over your outdoor dining area will create a perfect memory-making atmosphere.

Make sure you’re ready to enjoy the periodic warm nights outdoors this winter by adding custom LED outdoor lighting at your Brunswick County home today! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington now for a complimentary design consultation. (910) 342-0040

How many Wilmington LED Landscape Lights does my Home Really Need?

Wilmington LED landscape lighting is not a one-size-fits-all product. Each property, each home, each business, and each landscape design offers its own unique features to illuminate. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we pride ourselves on our custom designs and right-sized landscape lighting systems. An average LED landscape lighting system in Wilmington might be around 8-10 lights, but, we’ve worked on projects that have a hundred lights, fifty lights, twenty lights and everything in between.

LED Landscape Lighting About Subtlety

Our goals are NOT to recreate the daylight hours. We use shadowing, and highlighting to create subtle areas of illumination for ambiance and visibility. These designer landscape lighting techniques improve the enjoyment of outdoor spaces at night.

Custom LED Landscape Lighting Design

We work closely with each home owner or business owner to create a lighting design that meets your specific needs. A pathway to your home from the driveway may only need a few landscape path lights to guide the way, while an outdoor activity area may require brighter lighting and clear visibility for a specific function.

Using our free nighttime demonstration, we create a temporary display for your viewing and our assessment. During this time we may discover an area of darkness that needs more light. We may discover an area has more lighting than you need for the activities in that space. We’ll adjust the design accordingly, and the results will be breathtaking.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we enjoy designing, installing, and maintaining the best-LED landscape lighting systems in Wilmington, Brunswick, Leland and up and down the North Carolina coastline. Our goal is to increase the joy and function of outdoor areas for homes and businesses. If you’re interested in adding visibility and nighttime beauty at your home or business, call today to schedule your free nighttime demonstration. (910) 342-0040

Wilmington LED Path Lights: Versatility, Beauty, and Timelessness

Every artist has their favorite tool, their favorite canvas, their favorite colors. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, our lighting designers have their favorite lights. While we won’t upset the rest of the gang by claiming path lights as our favorite, we will tell you we enjoy using them for their versatility, beauty, and classic charm. LED path lights are great for paths, of course, but did you know they are a fantastic choice for illuminating many stunning features of your home, including landscapes, flower beds, driveways, and more?

Path Lighting for Landscapes

Our copper and brass LED path lights are a subtle way to illuminate your prized landscape design. Whether they are tucked neatly in your flower beds along the front of your home or provide subtle perimeter lighting near your wooded back tree line, path lights in your landscape provide a loveliness you can adore all night.

Path Lights for Driveways

With many options to choose from, path lighting is not surprisingly a popular choice for those looking to add subtle lighting along their driveway. Winding dark driveways can be difficult to find, let alone navigate. With our path lighting to lead the way, you’ll enjoy as clear a path as an airplane landing strip, but without gentle washes of light instead of glare, you can see from outer space.

Path Lights for Flower Beds

Have you considered the best way to illuminate your stunning perennials and annuals for nighttime enjoyment? Did you know that the bold reds, pretty pinks, and tropical oranges of your petals show better in subtle LED light than in the harsh glare of the bright summer sun? With our path lights near your favorite blooms, you’ll not only enjoy the truer coloring, but you’ll get to see your favorite night blooms such as Moon Flowers and Night Blooming Jasmine.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today to create a custom outdoor lighting design, including our versatile path lighting, for beautifying your home and landscape. (910) 342-0040




Topsail Beach Outdoor Lighting Sends Summer Out with a Bang for Your Labor Day Extravaganza

There are two sure things about Topsail Beach living, the busy summer beach season begins with Memorial Day and ends with Labor Day. Celebrating both occasions with weekend beach parties is a time-honored tradition up and down the North Carolina coast. Prepare now for your end-of-summer Labor Day party with Topsail outdoor lighting for your backyard party space.

You might be wondering why we are already thinking about Labor Day when the Fourth of July has barely passed. Well, the thing about a gorgeous custom LED landscape lighting system is that it is not a one-size-fits-all plug and play solution.

Unique, long-lasting, professionally designed and installed Topsail Beach outdoor lighting takes a little preparation.

Did you host a Fourth of July party at your Topsail Beach home? Was your deck, patio, or pool lacking integrated, well-designed lighting that is not only functional for nighttime entertaining but gorgeous too! Don’t fret, we have all the backyard party lighting you need to A.) take your beach party back to the house after a day in the sun and B.) illuminate your tropical backyard paradise for an epic end-of-summer bash.

We recommend a custom Topsail Beach outdoor lighting design that will illuminate your patio, deck, pool, landscape, pergola, tiki bar, porch, and/or palm trees. We have a variety of options and endless combinations for each. We love to create custom solutions that will meet your summer beach party needs as well as your low-key evenings after the house guests go home.

Call us today for a free outdoor lighting nighttime demonstration at your Topsail Beach home. (910) 342-0040

Dark Sky Compliant Outdoor Lighting on the Beaches of North Carolina: Your Quick Guide

Turtle season is here! From May 1st through October 31st it is turtle nesting season on the North Carolina coast. From North Topsail Beach to Sunset Beach and everywhere in between, locals and tourists alike are hoping to spot a sea turtle making its way ashore to build a nest. Within 50-70 days, these eggs will hatch, and we’ll begin watching for turtle hatchlings to make their way out to the ocean safely.

Sea Turtles Love the Dark

Lighting affects the sea turtle nesting and hatching process from start to finish. If there are too many lights on the beach, sea turtles will be too scared to come ashore to lay their eggs. According to Seeturtles.org, when the eggs hatch, the baby turtles wait for the sand to cool indicating night time for their treacherous trip back out to the ocean. Hatchlings use several cues to find their way including the slope of the beach, white wave crests, and the natural light of the ocean horizon. In an effort to help baby sea turtles make it safely, it is important to keep lights off the beach from May – October. It is also important to keep lights near the beach from misleading the turtles in the wrong direction. This is where dark sky compliant lighting comes into play.

Turtle Friendly Outdoor Lighting Guidelines

Oak Island and Surf City even have Sea Turtle protection ordinances that dictate lighting rules to help protect the animals. While not every NC beach has these ordinances, it is widely understood that those who live near or have businesses on the water should follow their basic principles. Here is what the Oak Island turtle protection lighting ordinance dictates:

• No artificial light shall directly or indirectly illuminate the town’s ocean beach.
• Outdoor lighting within 300-feet of the primary dune should follow the below dark sky guidelines.
• Streetlights are required to be cutoff fixtures that shield light from pointing up, which would illuminate the night sky.
• Colored lenses may be used to modify lights that can’t be aimed landward or downward to not disrupt hatchlings.
• Wall-mounted light fixtures shall be fitted with shields to contain the light landward side of the primary dune.
• Motion sensor flood lights for security are permitted and shall be aimed in a manner to contain light on the landward side of the primary dune.
• Where possible any source of light within the 300-foot zone of the primary dune must not be visible from the seaward side.

The basic concept of dark sky compliance is to avoid any lighting that will illuminate the night sky. For the purpose of turtle nesting season, it is as equally important to not illuminate the beach or have any artificial lighting visible from the beach.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we custom design outdoor lighting packages that are fully compliant turtle-safe lighting and dark sky compliant. Check your town’s website or Municode for details of your lighting ordinance. Ordinances often require permits and inspections which we will be happy to handle for you.

Outdoor Lighting ExpertIf you live on Figure Eight Island, Topsail Island, Surf City, Oak Island, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Fort Fisher, Holden Beach, Sunset Beach, or Ocean Isle Beach trust us with taking the time and care to make sure your lighting is not interrupting turtle nesting or the hatchlings making their way back out to sea. Call today 342-0040


Make it a Memorable Memorial Day with Brunswick Landscape Lighting

As Brunswick County grows, we gain more and more local activities to strengthen our community togetherness. With Memorial Day upon us, that fact is evidenced by a large variety of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. From parades and Memorial Day ceremonies to weekend activities, such as Turtle Talks on Ocean Isle, Leland Concerts on the Coast, and the Artisans Market on Oak Island, it is going to be a fantastic weekend.

Being in a coastal community, you may be expecting house guests for the Southport Memorial Day Parade or other weekend events. Have you prepared your home for entertaining guests throughout Memorial Day and the summer beach season?

Knowing your guests are here because of the beautiful seaside location, encourage them to enjoy the outdoors at your home as well as the beach and in downtown. To prepare your yard for guests, update, service, or add landscape lighting to make the evenings after a full day of activities more relaxing and enjoyable for the whole group.

Brunswick Landscape Lighting Service & Upgrades

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we service and maintain any landscape lighting system. If your system doesn’t look it’s best, it may just need a few adjustments. Call us today to schedule a service call; we’ll adjust lights, replace bulbs, and trim hedges. If we identify a need for additional lights or a system upgrade, we’ll let you know. A system refresh might be all it takes to get you through a gorgeous summer beach season in Brunswick County.

Brunswick Landscape Lighting Installation

If your backyard, patio, deck or front yard is too dark to be enjoyed after sunset. Call us now! We can come out and design you a gorgeous custom landscape lighting system that will make summer nights magical for you, your family and any potential visitors you have this summer and every summer. Don’t wait! While it is too late for Memorial Day, we can come out and have you set up by Fourth of July depending on your needs. Don’t spend another summer holiday in the dark! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today! 910-342-0040

Switching your Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Timer to LCA will give you more time for R&R!

How much time did you spend this past weekend resetting your outdoor lighting timer to correspond with the arrival of daylight savings time (DST)? Was it 30 minutes? An hour? Or maybe you couldn’t locate your manual, and your lights are still an hour ahead of schedule?

Chances are if you are still using an antiquated manual timer you spent precious R&R time programming instead of relaxing. If you were using one of our LCA timers, you wouldn’t have spent one second of your precious downtime fiddling with because our timers utilize set it & forget it technology!

LCA stands for Lighting Control Automation. LCA timers are super smart as they are able to automatically change themselves to accommodate the arrival and departure of DST. Best of all they are easy to use, setting them once and forgetting about ever having to do it again!

Our LCA timers use a GPS via satellite to pinpoint where your home is so it knows what hours it needs to turn your outdoor illumination system on, and off, with zero programming on your part. Just tell LCA where you live, and that’s it. These timers have all the simple automatic features of an astronomical timer, but it’s the next step up in terms of being able to also control your indoor lighting too…

LCA offers more flexibility to regulate goodies like your appliances, HVAC system and even your TV all through your computer, a mobile device or even through Bluetooth. You can set things to turn on and off at various times, so it always appears that someone is home. It’s the perfect solution if you have a beach vacation home in Oak Island, Carolina Beach, Southport or other NC coastal community, as it can easily be programmed to give your property the appearance of someone always being home. Having the luxury of lights on indoors and out turning on at random times makes your home appear lived in and gives you extra security. Best of all, you don’t even have to be home to control any of these facets that an LCA timer offers.

An LCA timer also automatically adjusts to naturally occurring seasonal changes of daylight to dark. They are so effective at providing you the right amount of lighting at the right time, you may forget about DST all together!

Don’t spend another weekend sacrificing your R&R, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today to learn more about all the benefits of Lighting Control Automation (LCA), you can reach us at (910) 342-0040.

Maximize Occupancy & Lower Costs at Your Wilmington Hotel or Bed & Breakfast

Running an exceptional hotel, B&B or vacation rental can take some creative ingenuity. While there is an element of business know-how at hand, the focus has to be on an elevated guest experience that will keep word-of-mouth spreading, create repeat clients, and make your place stick out among the competition. Creating additional challenges, the Wilmington hospitality industry really has to make the most of the busy summer season to reach goals for the entire year.

Did you know with one small investment you can lower costs and improve the guest experience?

Wilmington Hospitality Outdoor Lighting

LED outdoor lighting in Wilmington is essential to creating an environment for your guests that is spectacular. The beauty, ambiance, and aura of a well-designed outdoor space will give your guests that relaxed retreat feeling. They will enjoy exploring your grounds, dining outdoors and taking in all that a Carolina coastal summer has to offer. And for you, the owner or manager, you will have peace of mind knowing they are safe and secure – lowering your liabilities.

How Does Lighting Save My Hotel Money?

Our top quality LED commercial outdoor lighting uses very little energy. Chances are your hotel, B&B or rental property already has some outdoor or landscape lighting. Nighttime use of pools, patios, and outdoor lounge areas are a must for beach vacationers. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we can replace or upgrade those lights with top quality LED for huge energy savings and maintenance savings. Using 80% less electricity and lamps that last ten times longer than Halogen, your property could see significant cost savings. The bigger your property, the bigger the savings.

Our commercial LED outdoor lighting is extremely flexible and durable; it can even be moved if need be. And with our expert lighting design team, you’re sure to transform your property into the best new place for summers at the beach.

Call now (910) 342-0040 for a free nighttime lighting demonstration. We’re happy to evaluate your current lighting and provide you with an estimate for the replacement as well as a run-down of the savings you can expect to see. We look forward to working with you.

Right on Time: Our Recent Project in Scotts Hill Village is a Shining Success!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington recently completed our project at Scotts Hill Village in Wilmington, NC. As we announced in a previous post Wilmington Commercial Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation: Timing is Everything!, this installation was under a strict timeline in order to get it completed in time for the vacation crowd.

Illuminating the entrance for this beautiful neighborhood was a top priority for their Home Owner’s Association. Aside from making the entry easily visible for homeowners, guests and emergency vehicles to find, the addition of lighting also makes the neighborhood shine with refinement and beauty.

One of the main goals for this particular project was to make sure the decorative plaques on each of the stone columns were lit separately in addition to the main signage and the surrounding landscape. This request required preparation on each column prior to the stone mason’s installing the stone on the columns. We worked to achieve a dreamy, hologram effect by lighting the plaques from behind using 4 LED light bars for each plaque (12 total).

In addition to the beautiful illumination of the plaques, we also used 10-watt LED washers on the face of the front of the entrance, and a 20-watt LED wall washer on the corner to achieve the same cohesive effects. As I am sure you will agree, the finished project is truly spectacular. It encompasses all the beneficial and aesthetic elements that we strive for when illuminating a neighborhood or subdivision entrance or community signage.

If your Wilmington business or commercial property could use a nighttime revival, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today for a free nighttime demonstration. (910) 342-0040 We serve Southport, Oak Island and all of the North Carolina coastal communities.

We Have Your Holiday Wilmington Palm Tree Lighting All Wrapped Up!

There are few elements as distinctive about living on the NC coast as the presence of palm trees. Even outweighing the salty air and sound of gulls nearby, the quintessential palm tree is part of the allure of the coast. The beauty of Palms can be seen lining the sidewalks and as a focal point in our home landscapes.

With this in mind, it is a shame to let their beauty fade into the darkness every evening. Many of the palm tree species in our area make excellent candidates for the addition of outdoor lighting, including holiday outdoor lighting.

Our professional outdoor lighting designers know the right type of light to use at the best angle to illuminate a palm tree correctly. Up lighting palms is a great way to capture their majestic presence in your landscape during the festive season, and beyond. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we know the proper distance the fixture needs to be installed to light the full canopy and the best place to mount the fixtures depending on the desired effect.

Good outdoor lighting should always look natural and illuminate the best features of the area or object being lit — this includes tree lighting applications. The trunk size and canopy need to be considered when deciding on the type of lighting technique and the appropriate fixture to use. There are two types of lighting we can design for your trees, depending on the effect that appeals to you. The most common type of tree lighting is up lighting. Uplighting trees, especially palms with their graceful canopies, can make a very dramatic statement. In uplighting applications, we install a well or flood light very close to the tree to direct the light up the trunk, underneath the canopy, illuminating the entire conifer. Placing fixtures on the ground directed upward reveals the tree’s magnificent natural beauty, shape and elements making the entire surround more stunning.

Additionally, when illuminating your palms for the holidays we recommend wrapping the trunk and in some cases the canopy. This is our most-requested holiday lighting technique for lighting palms, and clients usually request clear/white lights as they make a dramatic and elegant display against the neutral tones of the palm itself,

About 2,500 species of palms exist, and a few of them are quite tolerant to our cold Wilmington winters. This means their beauty can be enjoyed and enhanced almost year-round, even during the holidays. The Cape Fear area is made up of several micro-climates, so the degree of winter tolerance will vary depending on the species of palm and the location. The palm trees that are the most abundant, cold-hardy and popular here are Pindo palms, Sabal major (aka the Palmetto), Windmill, Sabal minor, and the Mediterranean palm, with finer foliage. The Sago palm is also very popular here in Wilmington, though it really isn’t a palm at all, it is classified as a cycade.

If you want to learn which palm trees would make the most impact and serve as the right candidates for tree lighting in your landscape and holiday lighting, contact us today at (910) 342-0040 or fill out the contact form below and one our talented designers can contact you directly.

Why Winter is the Best Time to Consider Wilmington Outdoor Lighting

Now is the time when I often come across many of the age-old Christmas songs on the radio. One that is especially poignant for me is the classic Andy Williams tune It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. This song not only speaks volumes about the enchantment and emotion of the holiday season on a personal level, it is also impresses the fact that winter is the ideal time to consider outdoor lighting.

Anytime may seem like the right time to move ahead with your anticipated Wilmington landscape lighting project, but there are many benefits to installing in the winter months.

  • Our service area, which includes Wilmington, Southport and the entire Cape Fear region, experiences temporarily mild winters. This means there are no dangers associated with freeze lines.
  • We do experience enough winter weather to enable perennial turf grasses, trees and plants to move naturally into their dormant state. Choosing any type of outdoor improvement that requires excavation around plants, or increased foot traffic on grass is better-suited while they are in their dormant state. This is because it causes less impact on the plant material and they will recover more quickly from any damage.

  • Naturally, our backlogs and scheduling demands are greater during the outdoor living season. Demand is greater during the warmer months of the year because folks are spending more time outdoors. Choosing to have us design and install your outdoor lighting during the winter month’s means less turn-around time and your Wilmington outdoor lighting will be there for you to enjoy now, and in the seasons ahead.

  • Evening arrives sooner during the winter months, and sticks around longer. Daylight Savings Time (DST) will not begin until March, 12th. That means you’ll be arriving home in the dark for several months still. Why not make the decision now to increase the safety, security and curb appeal of your home and landscape and not wait for Mother Nature to light your way?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington is here to help you make the most, out of the most wonderful time of the year, with outdoor lighting. Contact us today to learn more at (910) 342-0040.

Southport Commercial Outdoor Lighting Sets the Tone for the Best Local Outdoor Dining

Autumn in Southport is the perfect time of year to eat outdoors. With the busy season winding down and the weather cooling off, your restaurant can use additional features to attract tourists and locals alike. Have you considered improving the outdoor dining experience offered at your Bay Street restaurant by adding festive and fun lighting for evening diners?

Southport Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Southport commercial outdoor lighting is the perfect way to draw customers in and keep them coming back for more. While the food and service have to be top notch, don’t overlook the atmosphere of your outdoor dining area. People live in and visit the Southport area to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and that includes seaside and waterfront eating. If your outdoor dining space leaves something to be desired, you could be losing repeat business no matter how good the food.

Southport Festive Lighting

Now that the nights are longer than the days, lighting for your restaurant’s patio is an essential element in creating that perfect seaside atmosphere. A favorite, especially under the tents on the deck are festive lighting. These large round LED string lights can be installed for permanent enjoyment. Our lighting design team loves to create magic with the nostalgia of classic festival lighting. Bistro lighting, café lighting, or party lighting, no matter what you call them the enjoyment is universal and the popularity is growing quickly.

Southport Palm Tree Lighting

Another favorite lighting technique for increasing the beach feel and creating the seaside vacation vibe is palm tree lights. Nothing says vacation like a Palmetto tree. Palm trees wrapped with LED lights create a gorgeous tropical perimeter around your Southport outdoor dining space. Our palm tree string lights are great for year-round enjoyment; shining a light on dinner in the fall and winter while also creating fun party vibes to keep customers ordering more provisions well into the long summer nights.

No matter if you’re on Bay Street, Yacht Basin Drive, Brunswick Street or in downtown Southport, your restaurant or diner can benefit from the addition of commercial outdoor lighting to improve your guest experience. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today for a free nighttime demonstration 910-342-0040.

HomeFest at River Bluffs…Don't Miss the Fall Festivities

Are you looking for a great way to spend a fall afternoon? Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we know just the thing. HOMEFEST! Presented by the Wilmington-Cape Fear Home Builders Association, Homefest combines family activities, home and river tours, and a street fair of vendors sharing crafts and home improvement information. They have pulled together a great way to spend a few hours together with something for every member of the family. This is also the perfect opportunity to take in North Carolina’s stunning fall season. Don’t miss it!

When and Where

This event takes place October 22nd and 23rd in the gated community of River Bluffs. An environmentally sustainable community, River Bluffs sits on the banks of the Northeast Cape Fear River in Castle Hayne, NC. From 11 am to 4 pm each day you will have the opportunity to come in and see what this living experience is really all about. Homes built by some of the area’s finest custom builders, including Stello Construction, Legacy Homes, and Herrington Homes, will be open for tours. You will discover that the types of homes in River Bluffs range from neo-traditional to Floridian and that all the community amenities employ the latest technology in energy savings and efficiency.

Something For Everyone

The homes of River Bluffs are spectacular, so the chance to tour them is something you really don’t want to miss. There is also a 4-mile trail race on the 22nd which will benefit Lump to Laughter, a breast cancer support ministry, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The kids won’t have time to get bored with a designated kids area, and they are sure to love a boat ride on the Cape Fear River! Kid free? Stop by the beer garden and check out the live bands. The street fair will include home improvement vendors and crafts sure to interest the curious homeowner. For more information visit http://wilmingtonhomefest.com/ or check the River Bluffs Facebook page. We are looking forward to attending this festive local event and hope to see you there.

And one more thing…. Did we mention that admission is FREE?!?!

Did a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Affect Your Outdoor Lighting? Call Today for a Check-up

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington provides the best quality transformers and copper and brass LED outdoor light fixtures available. That being said, there are some weather events that could cause a disruption in your outdoor lighting system. Hurricane and tropical storm season is upon us, with high winds and heavy rain causing trees to fall and streets to flood, your system could be affected. If one of the recent storms has created an issue with your outdoor lighting system such as lights not working, the entire system is not working or there is a disruption in the lighting design, call today! We’ll come out and make the necessary adjustments.

A Single Light is Off

There are many reasons a single light could stop working after a hurricane or tropical storm. It could be a line was snapped, or flood waters caused a short. Whether it is simple or complicated, our lighting professionals can come to your home, diagnose the issue and repair it. While we’re out there, we will assess your entire system looking for dysfunction where you might not notice it.

My Outdoor Lighting System Is Not Working

If your entire outdoor lighting system quits working after a hurricane, tropical storm or flood there are a few things that could be going on. One of the most common reasons an entire system is out is that the Ground Circuit Fault Interrupter has been tripped. While that is a common scenario, sometimes it is something more complex. Whatever the case may be, calling us will ensure your system is diagnosed and repaired the correct way.

My Outdoor Lighting System Doesn’t Look As Good

One of the biggest affects a storm can have on an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives LED outdoor lighting system is of the design. Flash flooding can cause erosion that might shift a light or two or cause some leaning. Falling branches and leaves can disrupt the light from shining where it is meant to shine. Mud and debris can leave some lenses murky and less brilliant. With a maintenance call, your entire system will be inspected and adjusted. We’ll trim away foliage that has grown or fallen in front of lights, we’ll clean lenses, whatever it takes. Whatever is disrupting the gorgeous outdoor lighting design will be altered to create the beautiful effect you enjoyed the first day your system was installed.

If the inclement weather has caused a disruption in your outdoor lighting system, or it has just been years, and the landscape on your property has changed and slowly altered things, call today! 910-342-0040 At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we don’t just design and install lights; we maintain them for the long haul.

Plan Your Wilmington Outdoor Christmas Decorations NOW for a Peaceful Holiday Season

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays. Whether it is picking up that special gift for a hard to please family member, choosing a date for the annual Christmas party or planning out your holiday décor, it’s best to do some now so that you can enjoy the festivities of the season when they arrive. When it comes to Wilmington residential and commercial Christmas lighting and decorations, now is a perfect time to start the planning process.

Wilmington Commercial Holiday Lighting

Every year you see Halloween supplies hitting the store sooner, sometimes simultaneously with holiday items. This year, I have even heard that a famous fast food chain is releasing their Pumpkin Spice Latte the last week of August to get a jump on the holiday season. In this global market, there is always first mover advantage. Whether your business is retail, restaurant or hospitality, you have no choice but to ensure your guests are feeling the holiday spirit as soon as Halloween passes. With this holiday spirit, the pocket books open and the giving/indulging spirit arrives. To make the most out of the holiday season this year, plan now for an amazing and festive display.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington will design, order, install, take down and store your outdoor holiday decorations for you. To ensure you have time for the planning phase, it is vital to get the ball rolling on your holiday lighting design now. With the season being short, our crew has a limited amount of time to make your Christmas display a reality. If you call now we can make sure you are on the schedule for the all-important flip of the switch on Thanksgiving Day (or sooner if you choose).

Wilmington Residential Holiday Lighting

If last year’s holiday lighting debacle was the last straw for you, you need to call us now. Did you have tangled lights? Did you fall off a ladder? Did you go to the store to replace the one string of lights only to find that nothing matched what you already have? Did the cold weather make taking down your lights a nightmare? Whatever your reasons are for vowing “never again” to hang up Christmas lights on your house, we have another option. Let us do it. We have the best Christmas lights, the best design and the best installation crew in the area. Not only that, we’ll take them down and carefully store the lights for you so that next year there is nothing for you to do but schedule the installation date.

Don’t let hanging outdoor Christmas decorations ruin your holiday spirit. Hire the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, so you can spend your pre-holiday weekends watching football and spending time with family. Call or comlete the form below today, our schedule fills up fast! 910-342-0040

Extend the Magic of Summer’s Biggest Celebration with Wilmington LED Outdoor Lighting

The North Carolina 4th of July Festival is part of the shining glory that is Southport. A historic tradition that brings 40 – 50 thousand participants to our inviting seaside home each year. With 10 days of music, parades, and celebration, the riverfront fireworks display that wraps up each year’s event is a sight that can’t easily be explained with words. Giant explosions of color in the night sky make our country’s birthday party a magical wonder to behold.

Outdoor Lighting Can Bring That Magic Home

After the party was over this year when you drove up your driveway, what did you see? Or could you even see at all? Did the enormous glow of the firework display make your dark entrance seem that much darker? You would be amazed at what even the smallest amount of professional lighting can do to create a new level of ambiance for your home. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington can transform what is now simply a driveway to a house, into a gently lit pathway towards your beautifully illuminated home.

Our LED outdoor lighting is an energy efficient and long lasting way to change the entire look and feel of your yard and home. The lighting options available for creating the atmosphere you desire are seemingly limitless, from pathways and driveways, landscape and garden, pools and outdoor living areas, and of course doorways and architectural features.

The Many Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

There is a sense of security that comes with arriving safely home to a warmly lit drive and front door, but safety is only one of the many benefits. Outdoor lighting provides so much more. Garden and landscaping lights can present coloring and splendor that give a different dimension to your labor than the sunlight. You can show off the hours spent creating your landscaping and add tremendous value to your entire home. It also allows for the complete use of all of your outdoor spaces day and night. Deck, porch, and patio lighting extends the space in your home for evening relaxation and night time entertaining. Combining our lighting with a Carolina night sky and the sounds of summer makes for a magical paradise… and it can be right outside your door.

We make it possible to bring some of the mystique you felt at the Independence Day Fireworks home with you to enjoy year round. Call us today at (910) 342-0040 and let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington create the lighting design that is perfect for your home. Next year when your friends and family are making plans to come to Southport for the festival let your newly lit garden or patio retreat be their desired destination.

Wilmington LED Outdoor Lighting vs. Halogen Outdoor Lighting

Today’s LED outdoor lighting is warm and white. With a bulb life of 30,000 – 50,000 hours vs. Halogens 2,000 – 5,000 hours, your LED bulbs will last for years. The cost of running an LED outdoor lighting system is significantly lower, saving you a minimum of $100 (with an average sized 15 light system) over the course of a year in electricity. Call today to update your Halogen system to LED (910) 342-0040.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington Before Large Landscaping Projects

Spring is a perfect time to refresh and renew your Coastal Carolina landscape. Whether you’re spending a weekend with your garden gloves and shovels or you’re hiring a professional to do a complete overhaul, it is vital to protect the integrity of your landscape lighting. Before you get started, call us, we’ll come out and move lights and electrical lines to avoid damage. We’ll also return to your home at the appropriate time to re-bury lines and reset your modified landscape lighting design.

When is it most important to include us in your landscaping plans?

Extending Landscaping Beds

If you’re extending your landscaping beds to plant more perennials, annual, shrubbery & ornamental trees, call us. Anytime you are digging near landscape lighting you risk cutting electrical lines. We can carefully move lines out of your way and reset the lights to highlight the best features of your newly designed flower beds. If you are simply adding a few new plants, be careful digging and call us afterward for a lighting design adjustment.

Planting Trees

Adding new trees to your yard will significantly alter your landscape. If you’re digging anywhere in the yard where your electrical lines could be buried, it is important to call us first. We can make sure you avoid cutting lines. We can also add new lights to your favorite new trees before the lawn or landscape where you have been digging has time to heal. We will save you time and allow your new landscape to look and stay looking amazing.

Installing Sod

We are currently working with a client who is having fresh sod installed. We will pull up the electrical lines and remove the lights before the landscapers till the soil. Once they lay down the fresh sod, we can safely lift sections of sod to rebury lines and place the lights back where they belong. By including us now, the homeowner will save time and money in having to replace cut lines or broken lights after the fact.

Call us today if you’re planning some landscape updates to your Wilmington home. We’ll help you keep your outdoor lighting intact and looking fantastic. 910-342-0040

Enrich Your Guests’ Experience with Wilmington Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Wilmington outdoor lighting is not just for residential applications. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we offer fantastic outdoor lighting design & installation suitable for commercial & hospitality lighting needs. If you’re gearing up for a successful 2016 for your business, consider adding outdoor lighting to give your business more visibility at night, improved nighttime function & an enhanced guest experience.

Create A Nighttime Hot Spot

If you’re in the hospitality, nightclub, bar or restaurant business, you know that impressing your guests to the point they send more business your way is the ultimate goal. With commercial outdoor lighting we can add new outdoor entertaining guest space & improve the atmosphere in your existing patio space, for an evening your guests won’t soon forget. With patio lighting, deck lighting and festive string lighting to choose from, you can make your place the summer hotspot for Wilmington locals and tourists alike. You might even try an attraction light to add a bit of conversation and a cool vibe.

Visibility & A Warm Welcome

If your business is open after the sun sets, commercial outdoor lighting is for you. It goes without saying that if customers can find your business, you’ll have more of it, but have you considered their experience upon arrival? If you frequently have patrons coming and going in the dark, adding landscape lighting, path lighting and illuminating your sign will provide a better customer experience. Your customers will feel a warm welcome along with added safety for a more enjoyable evening.

Commercial Lighting Offers Practical Benefits Too!

While focusing on your guests is the sign of a really great business owner, there are undoubtedly some very practical benefits of commercial outdoor lighting for your business. The reality of loss & liability is a huge concern for business owners of all sizes. We recently experienced a theft of our trailer, reminding us of those risks. By adding commercial lighting to your business location you’ll gain added security as thieves don’t like to be seen. You’ll also lower your liabilities as guests and patrons alike will enjoy more visibility for a safer navigation of your property.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington offers fantastic commercial lighting for all sorts of businesses, from hotels, bed & breakfasts & restaurants to bars, beach clubs, churches & playgrounds. If your business could benefit from outdoor lighting, call today for a free design consultation. (910) 342-0040

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington at the Home Builders Association HomeExpo

Come see us at the Home Builders Association HomeExpo & Remodeling Show at Cape Fear Community College, March 19 & 20th.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington will be displaying the latest in LED outdoor lighting technology with gorgeous landscape lighting for your home. When it comes to Wilmington LED landscape lighting we have the best products, the best lighting designers and the best installation & service.

Come out and meet our lighting experts. They’ll be happy to answer all of your LED outdoor lighting questions. You’ll leave knowing what it takes to create a stunning nighttime landscape at your Wilmington area home. We offer a variety of outdoor lighting for your home including landscape lighting, architectural lighting, deck lighting, dock lighting, patio lighting, pool lighting and more.

Randy & William

The HomeExpo and Remodeling Show will be at the Schwartz Center at Cape Fear Community College on Saturday March 19th and Sunday March 20th. With free admission, free parking and free seminars this is a great first step in -revitalizing your home this spring. With so many vendors in one place you can get all of your spring projects underway in one day.

Show hours are 10am – 5pm on Saturday March 19th & 12pm-4pm on Sunday March 20th.

We look forward to meeting you. And if you can’t make to the Expo give us a call today for a free nighttime demonstration. 910-342-0040

Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Highlights a Charming Community Center at Masonborough Plantation

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington. We want to be your go-to Wilmington outdoor lighting service provider for installation, fixtures, and maintenance. We are determined to make sure you have the perfect outdoor lighting for you. We’ll even install high-quality fixtures you find elsewhere. A recent neighborhood outdoor lighting project was just that. Masonborough Plantation now enjoys newfound character and illumination around their community pavilion thanks to outdoor lighting. We added LED fence, sign & landscape lighting from our lineup of quality fixtures, plus five nautical lights they ordered.

A well-lit neighborhood is a beautiful neighborhood.

Masonborough Plantation wanted to increase nighttime visibility while beautifying their community center. They called us for a design consultation. When we met with the HOA president we immediately settled on lighting the fence, Crepe Myrtle, the community sign and some Oak trees around the picnic area. But none of our LED lights were quite the style he was going for on the large brick fence columns.

If you find a perfect light, we’ll install it

While we got busy gathering a few alternative designer light ideas from our manufacturers, the HOA president began looking around for ideas as well. When we met on-site again with a sample attraction light, the HOA president viewed our lights but eventually landed on another idea. He had found the pictured nautical themed 120v lights he really loved. We agreed to not only install but also to convert them from 120v to 12 volt LED. With cost savings in running these lights, Masonborough Plantation will also enjoy a harmonious look with the rest of the outdoor lighting system.

Masonborough Plantation community outdoor lighting design

All in all, we illuminated five gorgeous Oak trees with LED uplights, the neighborhood entrance sign, a Crepe Myrtle tree and the fence. To achieve a uniform illumination on the fence we placed four BB02 LED deck lights on the fence line between the brick columns. With the five brick columns each featuring a gorgeous LED converted nautical light, the overall effect is stunning.

If your Wilmington neighborhood or home could use a special touch for nighttime visibility and beauty, call today for a free consultation. We won’t rest until you get the lighting design that works perfectly for your needs and style. 910-342-0040

Read more about neighborhood entry lighting we’ve created.

Christmas Cheer is Plentiful at The Villages of Brunswick Forest with Christmas Lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington

Nestled perfectly just outside of historic Wilmington, in Leland, the master-planned community of Brunswick Forest is home to Wilmington’s most active citizens. With 4,500 acres that include multiple neighborhoods, a commercial downtown and access to nature-centered activities such as kayaking and hiking, Brunswick Forest is a popular place to live. We were honored when asked to create a festive holiday environment in the town’s center. With our outdoor Christmas lighting design expertise and installation know-how, we went straight to work creating a festive lighting design for the welcome center, wellness & fitness center, the community signage & the shopping center.

Creating a holiday display requires time for design, to order materials & time to install before Thanksgiving’s big reveal. Brunswick Forest’s shareholders first contacted us in September. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. For a job of this scope, the prep time was imperative for scheduling.

The first thing we did was install roofline lighting on all of the commercial & shopping center buildings. With LED C9 Christmas lights, the results are classic and the cost of running them is minimal. With the same effect on the welcome center & the fitness center, Brunswick Forest’s Christmas décor has a cohesive look and a cheerful holiday spirit.

When it comes to shrubbery, we really love to use LED C7 lights. The bulbs are a bit smaller than C9 and look fantastic in shrubs of all sizes.

We approached the signs at the entrance with a multi-faceted design. We were able to dress the holly trees & shrubs with LED C7 Christmas lights and top the gorgeous brick sign with illuminated garland. Garland is perfect for festive daytime décor as well as spectacular nighttime illumination.

Trees, shrubs, signs, stores, the fitness & wellness center and the welcome center all together add up to 6,000 C7 LED lights & 1,400 C9 LED lights. With 7,400 LED Christmas lights in all, we are proud to say Brunswick Forest is happy with the outcome. So happy in fact that we are already planning more for next Christmas with the country club & an additional new building.

If your community could use a little Christmas spirit, call us now or by mid-summer to get next year’s Christmas design worked out and materials ordered. We would love to add holiday spirit to your neighborhood or your residential home. Tell your HOA about us today! Call 910-342-0040

Add Warmth & Wonder for Enchanting Holiday Gatherings with Outdoor Lighting for your Home

Glistening graceful outdoor lights greet your guests, guiding them to your holiday gathering. The holidays are a glorious time of year. A time for family, friends, love and laughter. Imagine the festive atmosphere you can create with outdoor lighting this holiday season. From warm entry lighting to enchanting landscape lighting, we have the outdoor lights to create a joyful party atmosphere and memorable celebration.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting for your home can create a festive environment. A lovely compliment to your LED Christmas lights or a great standalone, architectural lighting will brighten your home on long winter nights. When holiday guests arrive after dark, your illuminated home assists guests in locating you. Creating a cheerful party atmosphere before guests even step out of their car.

Pathway Lighting

Guide your cheerful holiday guests into your home safely with pathway lighting. If your guests are arriving in the dark, assist them with illuminated guidance to your front door. Our gorgeous copper path lights will be a much appreciated guide when heading home with full hearts, full bellies and holiday fatigue. If weather is less than pleasant, rain, fog or (don’t say it) snow can make for a hazardous walkway. Add safety with proper path lighting.

Entry Lighting

As guest arrive to get the party started, guide them in with proper entry lighting. A dark front porch is not exactly friendly. The warm holiday welcome depends heavily on just the right amount of entry lighting. Your guests will feel the love and you’ll rest easy knowing they can find their way to the front door while you are in the kitchen preparing the evenings’ tasty treats.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting outside of your home can increase the festive mood inside. As your guests warm their souls with heartfelt conversations and toast to the holidays, the sparkling lights shine outside adding to the joyful mood. If we are lucky enough to have one of our lovely surprise mild winter days, your landscape lighting can allow you to move the party outside to take full advantage of Christmas in the south.

If you hang Christmas lights each year you know the dullness that your home seems to have after the lights come down. With outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington you can keep that jolly feel of an illuminated home all year round. Call today for a free consultation. 910-342-0040 And we wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Luminous Outdoor Living with Landscape Lighting in Wilmington

Luxurious living doesn’t mean fancy cars and diamond rings. Living the simple life in a comfortable home in the great ocean side community of Wilmington NC is the best kind of luxury living there is. With gorgeous weather, a historic community, golf courses and beaches, we’ve got it made. Adding simple conveniences and beauty to your home and property is what can take this already amazing simple southern life to the next level. With landscape lighting in Wilmington you can show off your amazing home, add value, add luxury and encourage continuous outdoor living even after the sun sets over the Cape Fear River.

Add luxury & value to your Wilmington home

Southern living is all about understated elegance. With the classic southern charm and character found in the homes in and around Wilmington it takes just the right touches to add luxury and value. Adding landscape lighting is a great way to create subtle luxury at your home in the southern chic way. With just the right landscape lighting design by our experts we can add that luxury to your outdoor living while paying tribute to the simple southern elegance you desire.

Show off your amazing home

Whether you have a brand new home or a historical charmer in downtown Wilmington, your home deserves to be seen on these long fall & winter nights. While there are many great benefits of having landscape lighting, such as safety and security, none are as fun as simply wanting to show off your gorgeous home. Something magical happens when the sun sets and the lights turn on. Gorgeous homes become even more so, charming homes come alive and every landscape becomes more inviting. With our free night time demonstration, you can see this magic, before you commit to buying Wilmington landscape lighting.

Luminous Wilmington Outdoor living

Living in Wilmington is all about the great outdoors. With a beautiful downtown to enjoy, great golfing, Wrightsville Beach, Cape Fear River and all the gorgeous islands to enjoy, it would be a shame to arrive home and just go inside because the sun has set. Adding landscape lighting to your backyard creates a lively space for you to enjoy. Whether you’re cooking a dinner on the grill, having a night cap on the deck, or enjoying a warm fire in your outdoor fireplace, adding landscape lighting can make these moments more enjoyable.

Call today for your free nighttime demonstration. 910-342-0040

What if my Outdoor Lighting System Gets Flooded?

Our hearts go out to all of the families affected by the devastating floods in North and South Carolina. As we begin to dry out and pick up the pieces of our lives, there is much to do. While we are certain your outdoor lighting won’t be the first thing on your mind, we want to let you know we are here to help you get your system back up and running safely.

If you’re in the coastal North Carolina areas of Figure Eight Island, Porters Neck, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Masonboro, Oak Island, Holden Beach area you may still be under water. With that being said, there are some things to consider as your home and yard dry out.

As the water recedes there could be a few things to adjust before turning your outdoor lighting system back on. If you experienced the worst of it, there could even be some damage that needs to be repaired. Many times it can simply be the transformer tripped and we need to switch it back on. BUT, if your transformer was under water you could do more damage to it if you turn it back on before it dries out. There are a variety of damages that can occur with an outdoor lighting system when a flood hits. Every home and system is different. Please call us 910-342-0040 if your outdoor lighting system was affected by the flood, so we can come out and evaluate the system and make recommendations accordingly.

Until then, be safe and be strong.

Live the Easy Life with Professional Christmas Light Installation

The holiday season is crazy busy with long to-do lists. Outdoor lighting is one of the most time consuming holiday tasks a home or business owner can endure. With your time being so valuable, especially during the holiday rush, let us handle the outdoor holiday decorations while you keep your business or home running smoothly.

The top three reasons you should hire Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to hang your outdoor Christmas lights:

Time is Precious

There is not a more important unrenewable resource in this world than time. Time goes by fast and with each passing minute, hour, week, month and year time passes exponentially faster. You take great care in life to make sure your time is used for the most important tasks, only tackling the less important when everything else is taken care of. Don’t waste a second of your life trying to untangle lights, digging out tubs of last years led string lights or trying to find which bulb in your animated reindeer is out. Let us handle all of your outdoor Christmas lighting, from installation, take down and storage. The only time you’ll need to spend on it is a minute to call us and a few minutes to show us what you want. Piece of cake. (No fruit cake please.)

Design Skills

Your home is a masterpiece. You love to show off the exterior design and the perfectly kept landscape. You hire a lawn service to keep the weeds at bay, you spend the weekend weeding the flower beds and every time there is a repair needed, you call the right person. When it comes to outdoor Christmas decorations, most people think the design aspect is a no brainer. You are thinking winter wonderland but when you step back the results look more like someone shot string lights out of a t-shirt cannon and they happened to land in your trees. Let us handle creating an elegant, just right winter wonderland in your yard for the holidays. With outdoor Christmas wreaths, garland and roofline LED C9 lights we can create a classic look that will knock your socks off.


If you’re going to tackle the task of hanging outdoor holiday decorations, you’re going to do it right. That means climbing a ladder to hang the icicle lights on the roofline. That means climbing a ladder to string your led Christmas lights around the top of your favorite front yard trees. That may even mean climbing said trees to really get the job done. All of this is great fun, except, it is very dangerous. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 12,500 people per year visit the ER with injuries related to hanging their holiday decorations. Injuries caused by falls, cuts and electric shocks. Our highly trained professionals can get your outdoor holiday decorations installed with no incidence while you relax inside and drink a warm cup of coffee.

Now is the time to schedule your professional outdoor Christmas decorations installation. We install residential and commercial lights alike. Take 10% off any lighting holiday system when you schedule by Halloween. Call today for your free consultation. 910-342-0040

Outdoor Lights in Wilmington to Illuminate the Gorgeous Autumn Transition

Labor Day marks the official end of the beach season, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to go inside for the winter. Now is the best time to be outside in Wilmington. As the tourists trickle away and the weather cools down just a touch, now is the best time to be outdoors. Make sure your landscape, deck and patio are ready for you to relax outside and enjoy every ounce of Wilmington’s lovely fall weather. With the addition of outdoor lighting to your home you can enjoy the cooler nights and changing colors in a tranquil outdoor living space.

Patio and Deck Lighting

Now that the hot heat has let up a bit, it is time to get outside and enjoy your beautiful deck or patio again. Nothing is better than emerging from the A/C induced summer haze to a crisp cool evening on the deck. With LED outdoor lighting added to your railings and stairs you can create a comfortable, inviting place to spend your fall evenings in Wilmington. Invite friends over for a barbecue and stay out well past sunset enjoying the conversation under the stars.

Outdoor Lighting to Illuminate Fall Changes

The change from season to season is a lovely transformation in your backyard. With the leaves changing colors, fall flowers blooming and grass getting greener as the summer heat lets up, your yard will be transforming into a gorgeous autumn haven. Adding garden lighting and landscape lighting to highlight your changing foliage will allow you to view the transition as you enjoy your outdoor living spaces after dark. Garden lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will make the greens truer, the pinks brighter and the reds richer for your evening enjoyment.

Changing Trees Make Great Focal Trees

Adding focal lighting to your ever changing trees will draw your eye out and around your yard allowing you to enjoy the details of every color change and every branch that emerges from under the falling leaves. Creating a magical landscape in your yard with each new change, tree lighting is a perfect addition to any outdoor lighting system.

With nights getting longer, autumn is the perfect time to add outdoor lighting to your home. Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington a call and see exactly how we can illuminate your ever-changing yard this fall season. We’ll come out and create a custom design just for you and even provide a complimentary nighttime demonstration so you can see what outdoor lighting can do for your home and landscaping. Call 910-342-0040 or email [email protected] us today.

Make Your Subdivision Shine with Outdoor Lighting for Neighborhood Entries

Beautifying the entrances to their neighborhoods cost HOA’s hundreds of dollars each year. Often times there are large, elaborate brick or stone signs with the community name proudly displayed for all to see. Yet just as often those signs and surrounding landscape are left to flounder and fizzle when the sun sets. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington proudly restores the grandeur to neighbor entries by illuminating their signs, the expensive landscape around it, and the gate house if there is one. We recently lit up two neighborhoods who are now enjoying easier access to their neighborhood after dark.

Treybrooke Entrance Lighting

Treybrooke is a gorgeous neighborhood here in the Wilmington area. They have a lovely entry way that deserves to be seen any time day or night. Their entrance is illuminated from sunset to sunup for occupants and passerby’s alike to enjoy. However, they were burning through bulbs in their bright, wide flood light too rapidly. We replaced it with one of our new BB-02 LED lights. Its compact size and durability made it perfect for the job. Small enough to fit into tight spaces but still providing as much light as an average spotlight. Plus with the LED bulb, they wouldn’t have to worry about replacing bulbs very often. LEDs will last up to 50,000 hours on top of the energy they save. After adding lights to two walls and the trees in the median, Treybrooke became a sight to behold after dark.

Halycon Forest Entrance Lighting

Halycon Forest is another entrance just down the street from Treybrooke. They were also in need of some lighting effects. At Halycon we installed two commercial LED box flood lights on entrance sign. With an aluminum cast coated in bronze, this outdoor fixture is perfect for any commercial landscape lighting. It’s versatitlity, durability, and long lasting energy saving LED makes it completely reliable. Whenever you choose to add any sort of commercial lighting, LED lights are the best choice. They shine bright for hours on end and endure harsh weather just beautifully. The best part about LED lighting is the energy efficiency. You’ll be saving a good amount of money by installing outdoor LED lights.

After all was said and done, Treybrooke and Halycon Forest gained gorgeously illuminated entry ways. Outdoor lighting for community and neighborhood entries provides a great deal of beauty as well as security. Homeowners and their guests can come and go with safety and ease after dark thanks to LED lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. We are experts at installing and designing plans for all sorts of commercial lighting.

Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington a call and see exactly how we can brighten up your neighborhood today. We’ll come out and create a custom design just for you and even provide a complimentary nighttime demonstration so you can see what outdoor lighting can do for your home and landscaping. Call 910-342-0040 or email [email protected] us today.

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Pergolas are the Perfect Nighttime Hot Spot When they have Perfect Outdoor Lighting

Wilmington is a gorgeous place to live, especially for those who love the outdoors. The beach is right down the road and our weather, except for the occasional storm, is mild, especially at night. Because the nights are so beautiful here in the Port City, outdoors is where you, your friends, and family should be whenever possible. This past week, we installed an outdoor lighting system for a client who was looking to complete his outdoor retreat. We were thrilled to give his outdoor living space an ambiance that makes going inside a devastating endeavor.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington Makes Outdoor Living Extraordinary

Our client recently built a beautiful pergola, creating a striking outdoor living space complete with a fire pit and grill. As beautiful as it is during the day, we had to make the space usable and lovely after sunset. We got right to work using our solid copper deck fixtures on the four stone columns that support the structure. We built a custom bracket to secure these lights to the stone, as they normally attach to deck posts. The lights provide a rich ambient, halogen glow that gives easy visibility without blinding brightness. Also enhances the relaxing, romantic mood on the patio – we are proud of the effect these lights created. We used our copper spot light to illuminate the grill and fire pit areas. In order to allow our client more control, we put the grill light on its own switch so the focus can be removed from the area after the chef is done preparing his feast.

Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Living — Long After the Sun Goes Down

The finished project is an outdoor living area that family and friends can use anytime the great Wilmington outdoors calls their names. Rather than just being an outdoor area, the pergola really is an outdoor living space, made charming, functional, and safe with the perfect outdoor lighting system. Happy client are our number one goal, and we sure achieved it here.

If you are adding an outdoor living space, like a pergola, deck, or patio, or if you already have one, imagine what a difference outdoor lighting will make. Being able to use it throughout the night, as place to relax, eat, and share experiences with family and friends means a whole new lifestyle. If nighttime outdoor living is something that you want to call your own, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today. We’ll come out and create a custom design just for you and even provide a complimentary nighttime demonstration so you can see what outdoor lighting can do for your home and landscaping. Call 910-342-0040 or email [email protected] us today.

String Lighting for your Wilmington Palm Trees Add Class and Sophistication

The palm tree is one of the most distinguishable signs of a warm tropical area. Distinct in look and unique in purpose, in Wilmington we enjoy their year-round presence. Chances are that your landscape is home to at least one of these heat and sun loving beauties. Palms are a sure sign you are at the beach, signifying the soft sand and all things tropical. At times, it can feel as if they’re never changing look needs some variation. Under the cover of night and with the right outdoor lighting, we can change your palms up a bit. If you’re looking to tastefully transform your palm trees into something more sophisticated or festive, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington suggests wrapping them in LED string lights.

Strings lights are no longer strictly used for holiday lighting. With the right design and the right canvas, string lighting can add class, flair and sophistication to your landscape all year long. Many restaurants and bistros use small string lighting to bring their outdoor venues to life. A perfect example is that quaint little coffee shop on the corner. Thanks to the small twinkling string lights wrapped around the decorated patio, it shines at night. The same stunning effect can be applied to your palm trees. The tiny LED lights will illuminate the unique texture and shape of the tree at night. Giving off just the right amount of light creates the illusion of glowing stars. It completely changes the atmosphere of the entire palm tree. Go from beach and sand to beautifully sleek with a flip of a switch.

Professionally installed string lighting

String lighting is a type of temporary outdoor lighting that is easily accessible to everyone. With the ability to buy them anywhere, people often use them for a festive party or holiday and then take them down when time allows. Even though we focus in permanent outdoor fixtures, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington designs and installs temporary outdoor lighting with passionate dedication. We can flawlessly blend the lights into your landscape for a clean, professional look. We only offer the best even when it comes to temporary festive or string lights. These small LED string lights can even run on batteries to meet even your most unique needs without wires running amok. With our skilled hands, your LED string lights can shine for months on end, enhancing your home and yard through every season.

Give your palm trees the attention they deserve. Create a perfect, sophisticated look with the addition of small LED string lighting. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how classy these temporary outdoor lights can be. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington to get started today. We’ll come out and create a custom design just for you and even provide a complimentary nighttime demonstration so you can see what outdoor lighting can do for your home and landscaping. Call 910-342-0040 or email [email protected] us today.

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